Robby Van Arsdale

Robby wrote his first play at Camp Heritage in 2009, sitting on the boathouse roof, looking at the lake. The programs director used it instead of the play she had bought. She didn’t know she had accidentally sparked a fire. Robby was hired as the programs director at Camp Winnekeag in 2012, 13, 16, and 17. He wrote his own plays during that time, building his skill and his voice. A hallmark of his writing is a serialized story structure and big ensemble casts. Finally, looking in shock at the piles of plays he had written representing hundreds of hours of work, a thought occurred to him: do other people write their own plays? What do they do with them afterward? How do non-writers find their plays? So he made a website you’re reading right now.
Welcome; I am Robby Van Arsdale.

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