As Sheep Among Wolves

The Seventy-two Disciples

Author: Robby Van Arsdale
Major Theme: Faith
Source: Matthew 10 and Luke 10
Main Cast: 5 Female, 8 Male
Sample: First and final plays from As Sheep Among Wolves

Jesus’ ministry is drawing to an end, and he needs the word to spread more quickly, to reach into all of Israel. He calls the seventy-two disciples to go out and spread his message, heal the sick, and cast out demons. We follow their adventures and struggles as they learn to rely fully on God. Time and time again, these unknown disciples use prayer and faith to show God’s glory. Monday’s group discovers that their faith can heal even leprosy. Tuesday’s disciples are faced with a town that rejects their message, and they must shake the dust of it off their feet. Wednesday, a pair of disciples are thrown in jail and must rely on God to give them the right words to say. Thursday’s group faces off against a demon, and the Lord gives them the strength and faith to stand against it and save the possessed person.
On Friday, the disciples lose Jesus in the crucifixion, and they have to draw together to deal with the consequences. Mary Magdalene, Peter, John, and Thomas attempt to deal with the loss of their best friend while taking care of a few of the seventy two. Then, the next morning, Mary, Peter, and John find the empty tomb. The disciples see Jesus, and he gives them the incredible news of his resurrection. Thomas, however, wasn’t there, and won’t be convinced. He refuses, growls, yells back as Peter, John, and Mary all exhort him to believe, to have faith. It’s then that Jesus returns and reminds Thomas what it really means to believe.

This play is serious, so you know it’s designed to get you thinking.